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The CEO of a marketing company called Breakr claimed on Monday to have engineered the whole Alex from Target phenomenon as a way to see how powerful the fangirl demographic was, according to a post on.

“That teenage cute boy at the target now has 450K twitter followers so why are any of us even trying?” An adult friend Gchatted me this on Monday afternoon. Now “Alex From Target” has 664,000.

About Alex From Target is a nickname given to American teenage cashier Alex Christopher LaBeouf who rose to global viral fame on Twitter for his apparent charming look after an anonymous customer.

The digital world is in a frenzy after a girl posted a picture of a boy who works at Target. No, really. The tweet that launched a million musings, pantings and wonderings. Screenshot by Chris.

In light of 60-plus serious news articles, a million tweets, and at least one piece of uncomfortable fan fiction, you may be tempted to question just who is “Alex from Target” — and how did he clamber.

Ryan Broderick Teenagers Just Turned This Guy Named Alex Who Works At Target Into A Huge Meme So this is weird and also kind of scary. UPDATE: A.

Teen Twitter (the most powerful force in the universe) has been hit by a bomb, and that bomb s name is Alex From Target. Who is this ordinary Target checkout guy, and why is Teen Twitter obsessed with.


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