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Je suis couturière, costumière, désigner de métier c’est ma passion. Je suis aussi une passionnée d’Histoire et de Costumes d ’Époque. Je crée et confectionne de très beaux costumes Haut de gamme pour.

The Edible Monument: The Art of Food for Festivals October 13, 2015–March 13, 2016 Elaborate artworks made of food were created for royal court and civic celebrations in early modern Europe. Like.

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Welcome to the website for JR, the artist. He exhibits freely in the streets of the world, catching the attention of people who are not museum.

The French Revolution Digital Archive (FRDA) is a multi-year collaboration of the Stanford University Libraries and the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) to produce a digital version of the key.

Discover JR s latest museum installation at CAC Málaga from June 12th to September 13th. In a solo show entitled UPRISING, JR presents a site-specific video installation derived from his Inside Out.

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(not assigned) Accessories Aerophones Agricultural Albums Amulets Animal-related Anklets Archaeological materials Archery, Spears, Javelins Architectural elements armor Arms and armor Axes, Maces.

A la Une : l actualité en France et dans le monde. Politique, économie, société, culture, loisirs, insolite, sport, agriculture, en continu, en photos et.

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france: French artist costume images

french artist costume images