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Arman (November 17, 1928 – October 22, 2005) was a French-born American artist. Born Armand Fernandez in Nice, France, Arman was a painter who moved from using objects for the ink or paint traces they.

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Pierre Auguste Renoir.

Renoir was one of the leading painters of the Impressionist group. He evolved a technique of broken brushstrokes and used bold combinations of pure complementary colours, to capture the light and.

contributed to French painting by introducing a more systematic and scientific technique known as pointillism or divisionism, in which small dots of color are grouped to create a sense of vibrancy.

The following is a chronological list of French artists working in visual or plastic media (plus, for some artists of the 20th century, performance art). For alphabetical lists, see the various.

Pierre Akendengué (born April 25, 1943 in Aouta, Gabon) is a singer, composer, guitarist and.

Pierre-Auguste Cot (Pierre Auguste Cot).


france: French artist pierre

french artist pierre