French partitive articles quiz


Definitive: A partitive article consists of the preposition de followed by a definite article (du, de la). It is frequently used before a singular noun that represents something that can be divided.

A, AN or ONE, SOME, ANY -- To translate this notion, the French use a combination of 2 articles ; the indefinite article (un, une, des, negative pas de), and the partitive article (du, de la, de l’.

The French Partitive Articles - DU / DE LA / DE L / DES FrenchTastic1 Uploaded on Sep 28, 2010 : Learn the best ways to use the French Partitive articles associated with.

The partitive articles in French correspond to some or any in English. There are four forms of the French partitive article: du masculine singular 28.11.2012 · Video embedded · French Lesson - Learn.

In French, articles and determiners are required on almost every common noun, much more so than in English. They are inflected to agree in gender (masculine or feminine) and number (singular or.

Test yourself on French definite, indefinite, and partitive.

1. Chez le charcutier, on achète ___ jambon, ___ saucisson et ___ saucisses. 2. Au marché, on trouve ___ bananes, ___ raisin, ___ ail et ___ salade. 3. Chez l épicier, on trouve ____ beurre, ___.

French Lesson - Learn the french definite, indefinite and partitive articles as well as when to use them. Learn how to say a, an, one, the, some and any in French. French grammar rules for articles.

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france: French partitive articles quiz

french partitive articles quiz